The Egyptian Mathematical Society,
International Conference on Mathematics , Trends and Development ICMTD17,
28 – 30 Dec. 2017, Cairo, Egypt.
The Conference will be held in Dar al-Diyafa, Ain Shams University, Cairo
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Paper Template
Abstracts should be submitted on-line.
Abstracts must be written and presented in English or Arabic.
Abstracts should be structured as follows:
Use a concise title that indicates the content of the abstract. 
The complete title should be capitalized. It should not exceed 250 characters.
Surname and names for every author must be provided.
Do not include degrees or titles. The presenting author should be underlined.
Author names appearing on more than one abstract must be identical.
Each author should be listed by institution, city and country.

Do not include department, division, laboratory, etc.

For abstracts with authors with different affiliations, please indicate for each one the

number of the corresponding affiliation.

It should not exceed 200 words. Abstracts will be  reproduced exactly as submitted

and will not be edited in any other way.

It should be organized into the following sections:
The purpose of  the study, the methods used, a summary of the results and the

conclusion reached. It is not satisfactory to simply state that the results will be  discussed.

The Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society:
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